It’s a really cool song. It’s a weird situation because we signed with an independent label – of course Creation were a very large independent – and were licensed to other major labels particularly in the States. From Muse to Radiohead: You can tantalise dinner party guests with snippets of it before placing your iPod back down your pants for safe keeping. I moved my head.

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I always had something on the go whether it was in a band or on my own. To be honest, I don’t think anyone is that hung up on commercial success anyway. There are so many different platforms and ways of selling music nowadays.

Creative Impact: DiS Does Tallinn Mus…

Would we be putting stuff out ourselves or signing to a label? The your voice is mixed much better and it carries a lot of melody as well. But which song would you choose? There are certainly some stylistic similarities with those bands, no denying, and particularly on that first album, with the vocals down in the mix etc as you mentioned before, but really Swervedriver has always been more of a rock band.

March 27, Adam will be playing some shows next month as guitarist in the new project of ex-Mercury Rev singer David Baker, Variety Lights.


In fact, by the time a new record finally does come out you tend to have had enough of it because you’ve heard it so many times by that point! We were at this festival in Hong Kong and he was invited into our tour manager’s hotel room with his entourage because the bar was closed.

A new Swervedriver swervedrivre is here.

I haven’t done anything under that guise for a long time but there’s a bunch of more electronic-based instrumentals that are quite different to the rest asam the songs so it may be time to resurrect that project.

And why is your singing so low in the mix? Then of course there’s the number of limited edition releases that end up on eBay.

an interview with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, tour dates

May 5, Come check out Adam’s solo electric tour, Italy. But when you think about the guys running the record shops it’s still quite high risk. To a certain extent that was the same for us.

It sounded quite different to what Franklinn became. New Zealand and Japan, places like that. As previouslypreviouslyand previously noted, legendary shoegazers Swervedriver are back. There are examples of bands who’ve broken up at the top of their game but it is quite a rare thing.

an interview with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, tour dates

Jessie J – Who You Are. You always knew who was in the top ten yet at some point that just died off. Swervedriver — Mars Tramps, It’s James Cargill from Broadcast’s new group and I’d definitely recommend the album. Many of the tunes seem to be about relationships. It’s quite ironic that the most press we’ve had in a long time was over a situation like that.


After you do this, you will be able to always log in to http: But here’s the twist! Check out the dates here. Bjork talks piracy, punk, Lady Gaga It’s great that you have the option today rather than the “three franlkin and an album” business model that most labels followed when we first started.

I’d moved to the States for a few years. BrooklynVegan brought to you by: Goodnight Records Insound Amazon.

She was an opera singer and she had a picture of her with Pavarotti on her piano and she had at one time given lessons to Johnny Rotten.

I guess it means we must have had something unique sservedriver us after all.