Image originality check is not performed. At that time, picture data, menu settings, and the present time are kept. The accuracy of the time declines if the power plug is not connected to the wall outlet for and extensive period. The picture may be looked like vibrating because one picture is consisted by two screens. The available setting items are “Copy 1” and “Copy 2. Cleaning Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning.

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Set the start time of copy. The selectable screen types are shown in the table on page When the ALARM IN terminal corresponding to the sensor is grounded, the angle of corresponding camera is adjusted to the preset point set on this step.

Select whether or not to use the setup wizard. By setting this item, the motion detection works for the objects which move both fast and slowly. Select the desired setting. Motion detection B from O When playing back the copied data on the personal computer: The [LipSync] slide bar should be adjusted according to the PC to be used and the recording status of data to be played back.


So, acetone is all right for the heads? Transmits signal when the signal is input to the terminal on the rear panel. O Pictures can be displayed even if the camera is not set to record.

Sets the device which contains the data to be restored. O The blue screen appears when the data of the selected camera number is not existed in the triplex playback picture. For maximum ventilation, leave some space around the unit and place the unit on a hard level surface only, and ensure it is not covered during use.

Please ensure that the ventilation fan located on the unit’s uwb-308mv panel is not blocked.

Digital video recorder Mitsubishi DX-TLE

Time display is adjusted to the nearest hour 00 minutes 00 seconds when this terminal receives the signal. You can hear live audio any time except during playback. I really don’t know much about tape. O Once the playback interval is changed, audio is not played back even when the playback interval is returned to the qsy value. Covert Camera Function It is possible to hide pictures of selected cameras that are installed in sensitive areas and should only be viewed by authorized personnel.

Be careful when searching for the desired picture. Select the recorder address. The button of the displayed camera number lights up. Well ventilated, out of direct sunlight and away from direct heat.


Used for the menu settings. Individual Recording Setting Recording speed and picture quality picture file size can be set for each camera individually, it is also possible to set alarm recording setting in addition to normal recording setting.

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Select “Finish” to exit setup wizard. Okay, that’ll be my next step. Servicing Do not attempt to service this product yourself as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards.

O Do not assign ” Select the desired group for displaying the information. In this case, clear the menu screen first and then press a camera number button 1 to 16 or SPLIT button. Work that may be needed: O When the recording period of 2 or more programs are overlapped, the higher-numbered program is given prior- ity for recording.

To playback the recording data of the fast motion slowly: Sets the start point of copy.