Full speed printing of picket fence and ladder bar codes. Worldwide Ticketcraft can design and print tickets for any event including movie tickets, theater tickets, sporting event tickets, festival tickets, museum tickets and many others. Please follow the instructions shown below to remove an old driver: All graphics may be printed live or stored for future use. When selecting a new font, Windows will default to the previous font size. Image shown with optional hopper.

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Printer Models adjustable vs. Operator Controls and Indicators: While we do not recommend installing the printer drivers if you intend to communicate bi-directionally, we have developed some ways of communicating bi-directionally while using drivers.

Higher shipping and handling cost prevail. Specific warranty information will be provided for each printer model as there are some specifics. Manual tear-off base model or integrated cutter optional.

PatronManager has blca with Boca Systems as our designated PatronManager Preferred Vendor for thermal printers and present this information as a guide to help you make your purchasing decision for a new BOCA printer. PayPal is the preferred method d;i payment. Interleaved 2 of 5 2: Compatible ticket stock is crucial to the performance and reliability of thermal ticket printers. While Word allows you to manipulate the page size in both portrait and landscape modes, the data sent to the printer only functions properly in portrait mode.


The International Shipping Calculator does not work very well.

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I was able to manually feed the tick This driver is only to be used with FGL mode printers. A printer driver translates the graphical information displayed in your Windows application into a printer friendly format.

If you have a different shipping preference or if you feel the on-line shipping quote is high let us know and we will get you an accurate quote. Courier full international character set. Standard Configuration – reverse adjustable from 2. This driver is typically used by certain ticketing systems that use web browsers to send non-graphic, FGL commands to the printer. When purchasing an Android device from a secondary market pdi Amazon booca Ebay, please make sure the device is Unlocked.

Thermal ticket or label stock. This driver is only to be used with PCL mode printers.


We are here to help! Programmable up to dppi inches per second dpi, high speed mode ; 11 ips dpi, high speed mode. Lemur-R is only available in dpl.


This is the preferred method whenever a vendor defined size is not available. Each ticket material has been designed for optimal performance in thermal printers.

Adding a new page size “create a new form” is described in detail below. Printers ordered with a single interface may contain additional non-operational interface connectors. Generic tickets are available in assorted colors, feature security features and compatible with thermal printers. Windows supports the sywtems methods of defining page sizes: This size will usually be incorrect. Unit is sold as pictured missing cover.

Stepper motor controlled pinch roller.

Talk to us first! Direct Thermal Print Speed: