Register a new account. This is because Citect has no control over whether the OPC Server optimises requests to the device in the most efficient manner. Hi All, I am new to Citect 7. Started by jaxrpc , 18 Dec Is there any possibility to use the Access path in Citect?

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Sorry forgot about the problem Some frequently asked questions are listed below. It can automatically scan and find devices if you want it to, and that takes a lot of the configuration out of the way.

You could use it cliemt connect to the OPC Server and verify: Sign in Already have an account? Sign up for a new account in our community.

I ‘m sorry this is a bit vague but I havn’t used version 7 and I believe that it is very different as far as OPC is concerned to previous versions. With this in mind, Ci Technologies citec that an OPC Server should handle the case where an access path is not specified. This seems to indicate that the tag address has an incorrect item id, but the correct value has been entered.

Citect OPC Client Connecting

Started by jaxrpc18 Dec Citetc Do the ‘Response times’ shown in the Citect kernel eg. Question What is OPC? Question The OPC specification uses tag names rather than physical addressing to request the value of a tag. Sign In Sign Up.


I am not familiar with ver 7. I am not sure if i got all the configurations right for my citect portion.

Register a new account. It may be that an OPC Server allows items to be specified in a format cittect to the native addressing format of the device, though this is not necessarily the case.

That the OPC Server can connect to the end devices. Question I have a customer who tries to connect to an OPC Server and they always get the error.

How to connect an OPC client to your multi-cluster SCADA project

Citect does not allow the ability to specify access paths for items. The OPC specification isn’t exactly clear as to whether it is legal for the OPC Server calls to fail if an access path is not specified, but it does go as far as saying that by “convention” a server clienr select an access path if one is not provided. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. That your tag syntax is correct Note: As Citect cannot block individual requests when using tag names to access the tags values, each Citect Client will request each tag individually across the network.


Answer When Citect reads tags from a PLC, it is sometimes quicker to request a block of tags which includes several of those needed by Citect.

Wow, that’s an ambiguous error. This is because Citect has no control over whether the OPC Server optimises requests to the device in the most efficient manner.

Some other method of comparing the drivers should be used. This means that the response times shown in Citect for the standard drivers eg.

Posted 18 Dec edited. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted 18 Dec It’s available as a free 30 day demo here: See KB Article Q While the exception reporting nature between the Citect OPC Client and olc Server reduces or negates this concern at this point, performance may still be degraded at two places: