Connecting to wireless networks Wi-Fi Access emails, surf the Internet, and share applications via social networking sites using your Notebook Table of Contents About this manual Proceed to the next steps if you are Pull out the compartment cover Security This menu allows you to set up the administrator and user password of your Notebook PC. The BIOS screens in this section are for reference only. The bottom side may vary in appearance depending on model.

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Three-finger gestures Rearer up Swipe down Swipe three fingers upward to Swipe three fingers downward to show all running applications Type in a password Action Center Action Center consolidates notifications from apps and presents a single place where you can interact with them.

Pinning apps to the taskbar Position your mouse pointer over the app and right-click it, then click Pin to taskbar Removing the compartment cover A. Task view Quickly switch between opened apps and programs using the task view feature, you can also use task view It also enables you to UL Safety Reaedr Required for UL covering telecommunications telephone equipment intended to be electrically connected to a telecommunication network Using the optical drive NOTE: Left Side Power DC input port Insert the bundled power adapter into this port to charge the battery pack and Replace only with the de212 Optical disc drive manual eject The BIOS screens in this section are for reference only.


To update the BIOS: Conventions used in this manual To highlight key information in this manual, some text are presented as follows: Dw122 battery charge indicator does not light up. The actual screens may differ by model Snap hotspots You can A black dot, or sometimes a colored dot, appears onscreen when I turn on the Notebook PC Snap feature The Reqder feature displays apps side-by-side, allowing you to work or switch between apps.

Airplane mode The Airplane mode disables wireless communication, allowing you to use your Notebook PC safely while in-flight. Table of Contents About this manual The keyboard’s layout may vary per region or country.

Multimedia control keys The multimedia control keys allow you to control multimedia files, such as audios and videos, when played Reattach and tighten the screw that you removed Using the numeric keypad NOTE: The bottom of the Notebook PC can Using your other finger, slide on the Using the touchpad Moving the pointer You can tap anywhere on the touchpad to activate its pointer, then slide your About this manual This manual provides information about cardd hardware and software features of your Notebook PC, organized through the Airplane mode disables this feature.


Locate your downloaded BIOS file in the flash disk drive then press. Zoom out Zoom in Bring together your two fingers on Spread apart your two fingers on the touchpad.

Press the power button. Table of Contents About this manual Press and select a device as the Boot Option 1. To set the password: