I’ve had plenty of resolution problems with KVM switches and the like. SingleResolutions and to add all the information provided to change the. Server and XP both being NT5 this worked like a charm, as was to be expected. The onboard video on these servers have a dedicated 8MB of memory. I am just wondering how it is with it’s performance. I’ve got no further with this.

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Downloded setup file from Dell.

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However if a fully wired cable is not used or, as in my situation, there is a switch box to switch the VDU to one of several computers the maximum resolution becomes x again because the EDID data is lost. Now, since we are working with little endian after mattox, we have to swap the two pairs of digits when we put them into the registry, so we end up entering the two bytes 78, I am just wondering how it is with it’s performance.

After expanding the executable to C: Finally got it to work. You pay thousands of dollars for a well configured flagship server and end up with video that would have been installed on an deell machine.


Matrox Graphics – Support – All Latest Display Drivers

I’ve just been playing with this. Hi every body, I did the modication in the 2.

Hi, first thank you for this nice res-hack. As well as from extracting the Dell file set for the R II I found a set of files for both 32bit and 64bit systems at ftp: If you go to the Dell site and just download the latest driver, you don’t get any.

Geplaatst door Michael Croes op 2: For the GeW, this listed just a few resolutions, but for the G there was a long list.

mycroes’ blog: Enabling higher resolutions on Matrox GeW

I’d try searching about which driver you could use marox, but I guess this trick will still apply. I made changes in inf files, reinstalled driver, and tomorrow I will check, if it would work I made changes via remote session, so I cannot change resolution remotely.

Hi, i have matrox gwe2 on x9scm-f with Windows Server I hope it would do Right now i can pass installation without any error after i have turned off Digital Driver Signing.

Whatever you’re running through has to emulate the direct connection or you may be able to shut off auto detection of the monitor depending mtarox the OS. You must modify these files, and reinstall driver.


EXTIO F2x08 Series

I confess not reading further about the registry mod after the driver failed the install with the. Just a week ago I was fiddling with Matrox drivers for a G, where I had the same issue with resolutions, where the latest driver did support the correct There are a total of 5 reg entries of mga.

Is it possible to install this driver xx32? I applied your tweak to the. Yeah, these guys at Google did pretty good job. Would it hurt to give the video mb of ram?

Even if I was modifying the only. I am unable to download the old driver files g200ww the dell site given in the link above. My email is larsenault integratedsecuritycorp.

I found nothing on the Dell forums about this. Reinstall the driver by running setup from the same directory. Installed, restarted, and voila!

Where should I put the entry? Where you run setup. I can not select 32 bits