So if you’re unhappy with your scan, change your settings and try it again. It is also the only scanner whose ICE dust and scratch removal works with Kodachromes. We threw a very oddly colored Kodak Gold emulsion at it and got a very nice conversion VueScan handled this well, too. It automatically detects and corrects dust, scratches, fingerprints, mildew and other blemishes on color film surfaces. The resolution is even higher than Nikon ed.

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And, I found by beginning by using Levels to optimize the gamut, and then going to Elements’ Quick Fix using the manual sliders to adjust contrast and color, I could achieve a quite refined, finished image rather easily, and even more efficiently than using the full CS version of Photoshop.

The Imacon virtual drum process, incidentally, works imperfectly with io mounted 35mm slides. Show less Show more.

The auction listing for this product that will end the soonest. There will probably be a sufficiently large zone where both scans are in focus to be able to simplifiy this process with a mask.

What Are the 3 Best Lenses for Boudoir But dpi surpasses the old dpi standard. So, when you add up all of the functional advantages, including scan speed and more streamlined functioning, as well as getting to a finished ideal image more directly and with less effort, the new II could be seen as an efficiency and production value advantage.

Log in or register to post comments. Moving film, fixed sensor, single-pass scan Image sensor: Logitech’s flagship wireless mouse is finely crafted, offers precise, smooth operation In each case, the results showed fine detail and excellent tonal range and color capture. On one of my visits to the ghost town of Bodie, California, which is at a very high altitude, I brought along some Technical Ektachrome, originally intended for microscope slides, thus configured with very high contrast and saturation.


The improved scanned image quality is just cream on the top. That includes the Pixel Polish option, which automates the basic brightness, contrast, and saturation settings, and Kodak’s Digital ICE4, a quartet of technologies that remove dust and scratches, restore faded colors, adjust highlights and shadows, and reduce grain.

I found this is a quite efficient way to work, even scanning at the II’s maximum optical resolution of dpi, dimaeg produces a MB raw bit file, and got files done per hour. Once done you then click on the Process button and all of these accumulated color corrections and editing adjustments are applied simultaneously and quite quickly, outputting a fully finished bit file.

We dimqge find much fault with the ‘s negative conversion and there’s little evidence of the new Film Expert Algorithm in the II. Its ease of use makes it a good choice for consumers or photographers with libraries of old slides and negatives, as well as for pros who still shoot film but at times need to go digital.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite II Specs – CNET

So you can profile the scanner in VueScan. Fortunately, the DiMAGE Scan Utility is easy and effective to set up and use to output raw high-bit scan files, including batch processing.

It’s difficult to draw the line between the raw capture and the corrected file particularly in the case of negativesbut we saw some gorgeous histograms.

In another image, again shot at high altitude on an overcast day, although the slide was not as grossly blue, just removing the color cast resulted in a very dull image. Konica Minolta had already gone back to the drawing board themselves, though. One is that SilverFast only opens a relatively small proxy preview image from the whole MB file, so as you work with it the system is not taxed by processing all of the data in that big MB file.


Like thethe front panel is simple. Fast user switching is not supported on either Macintosh or Windows operating systems.

Includes items in all conditions except ‘For parts or not working. If you need a 5040 only for films, this is the best choice. There must be a special trade school somewhere on a lost continent that teaches film holder engineering. We threw a very oddly colored Kodak Gold emulsion at it and got a very nice conversion VueScan handled this well, too.

And, you can use Digital ICE to produce a bit raw file that is free of dirt and scratch defects. Though the manual says it won’t work with Kodachrome, we turned the feature on, ran some Kodachrome slides through the unit, and came up with good results.

Konica Minolta Dimage Scan Elite 5400 II Scanner

Dimagee at an optical resolution of dpi, this Konica desktop scanner is great even for office use. The Scan Utility sports a complex interface with a help panel in the top right corner. No other formats need apply. Protruding from the bottom of the face plate is the Manual Focus dial.