I have this soundcard too. They are version 5. Probably is a logic somewhere. However, I would love to use the card in my older computer which I plan to upgrade to W7, so it’s nice to know that it can be made to work. They are for use with Vista if you are interested.

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All the inputs still work fine including the internal wave card header which I use for connecting my old Yamaha wavetable db50xg and midi playback for dos box.


There are beta drivers available for Vista but as always with such products I really wouldn’t give it the benefit of doubt, especially when installing them on 7. I wonder if high-end sounds cards aren’t a bit like workstation graphics cards. Haven’t received registration validation E-mail?

The soundcard has never been a problem but I would like to move from XP to Win7 if possible. I had the same card, dmx6dire abandoned it when I upgraded to a new computer and win 7. Don’t know it they’ll work with Win7. I eventually just got rid of it and used the on-board soundcard in that PC because it worked significantly better in Vista.


In Sensaura mode it works like usual, but of course digital in is not accessible and you have to reboot the PC each time to change the mode. Never tried a dmx but always half-planned to.

A Sensaura mode can be switched on in the control panel, which is pretty similar to the gaming mode on Creative cards. It retailed for about EUR when it came out. I guess I will have to reinstall Seven from a clean slate.

TerraTec DMX 6fire 24/96 v. Driver – TechSpot

I’m not quite sure if this is related or comparable to Live! So I’ll use those for a while and see how it goes. I gauge this by something like pausing and playing a video and listening if sound pops are audible.

All was fine as described. Sepheritoh Max Output Level: Been using it for years now.

View More Photo Galleries. I’m wasting it all at the moment.

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I hope you get it to work again in Win7. The 6fire would be an awesome card if the drivers weren’t so finnicky This site hosts no abandonware. Just got this email from Terratec: But yeah, it was common back then for cards to have driver probs, the WORST being that manufacturers modified the chipset in a way that only their specific driver works.


I played an FMOD game and noticed that the sounds aren’t ddmx6fire correctly. On dmx6tire cards this is most likely the case while on onboard it never happens. Back in the day it did alot of work for me, and while DVD-A was around emx6fire was my ticket.

Whoops, never mind, getting my driver numbers confused Have you tried using the front panel rca inputs and outputs for recording and playback with these drivers in Win7?

So there’s still a life for the DMX with W7.

However, I would ddmx6fire to use the card in my older computer which I plan to upgrade to W7, so it’s nice to know that it can be made to work. I’m also trying to run a dmx 6fire under windows 7. Not sure if anyone actually used Dream based cards for DOS games back then however. Board index All times are UTC.