Now Realtek isn’t exactly top of the line, but somehow it has about 2 times the range the Atheros card had Out in the open you can get range of up to 1 mile with the stock antenna or 3 miles with the 8. Yes on some of them we have information here. If there is a problem with your device you can email support EnGeniustech. The Wistron seems like a good all-around card.

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Using a Senao NL-2511CD Wireless Card With Linux

Having that much microwave RF right next to my lap I just used the latest from the madwifi project. It works fine for any others I have tried.

The WLAN light senzo only comes on once a client has associated this way you know when the wireless network is in use. My PC runs cool in Linux with the powernow support so I haven’t seen heat issues.

Now Realtek isn’t exactly top of the line, but somehow it has about 2 times the range the Atheros card had If so, to what end? We’re and amazon associate powered website that brings you the best Wi-Fi and tech products from across Amazon. You only need to attach ONE antenna to this card to have it work properly. What are the longest range adapters? The EUBH also has a virtual Access Point mode that will create a hotspot around your computer for other devices to connect to and share the remote Internet connection.


Usage The card should work fine without any other special tweaks.

Senao SL-2511CD PLUS EXT2

Start a HyperTerminal session: Originally Posted by qip. Give this new connection a name. Here is a guide on how to set up Universal Wireless Repeater.

Frankly, I am not a Mac fan – the desktop setup drives me crazy. Type “reboot”, then hit enter. Last edited by qip; at I should have specified.

In most cases it is best to use a wired access point instead. All times are GMT Last edited by LEDAdd1ct; at You want to use the client router configuration on your device we have instructions below.

This is normal the sound will go away in 24 hours or unit warms up and does not affect operation. Did the job very well.

Keenan Systems Wireless Store – Engenius Senao PCI Adapter pcd-prCE

When plugged in to an internet network connection, Windows Update automatically searches for the “correct” drivers for the hardware that is installed i. The second antenna lead auxilliary is only needed if you want to support receive diversity. Here is the solution: This is a Windows Update Issue.


But more output power kind of scares me. Results 1 to 21 of It seems to have trouble with linksys routers, but I am not sure why. It will work using the ndiswrapper see the howto here.

: Using a Senao NLCD Wireless Card With Linux

You must select non overlapping channels you will have reduced throughput dropped connections and other problems. Front Page What’s New? Note The information in this article is largely obsolete, but remains available 2511cdplis historical purposes.