I used sleepers iso and was up and running in 20 minutes. I think the kernel needs wireless extensions enabled. Figure out what you have to do. S1 Nothing has been tested much. How do I get a startup script to run at boot time?

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NETGEAR FA Free Driver Download (Official) for Windows , XP, , NT4 () – FAzip

I assumed that when i sent the. I don’t decide it: But I’m digging Ubuntu. Yes, it works without recompiling the driver. In further observation, when ever I leave tivoftpd enabled for any amount of time it crashes and becomes no longer usable. I haven’t had a time to get into this yet, but hopefully you’ve just saved me the hassle: I’m gonna run out tomorrow and pick up a dub-e or linksys usbm and try this out asap.

Anyone here have troubles using the nvidia drivers?

Thanks RKone and Sleeper! Try the patch from the Uniden PCN thread. Can someone post an example of this setup.



Hmm, I’m not sure. It may be loaded concurrently with ehci-hcd. I used the same set when I first hacked my box using the kernel replacement methodand everything worked fine.

Although many wireless ioctls are not currently supported by the at76c driver, the important ones seem to work okay. Crasp, all i had running was a shell with wget downloading something. This is the USB 2. Can someone assist me in getting my sound card set up correctly? I have not figured out how to get iwconfig working on the Tivo to configure wireless parameters, but I did discover that the at76c driver code sets up default parameters.

Well, maybe it is an attack on the verizon servers The TX packets never increment I owe ya one!! I have had no luck.

However, apparently, in between downloading the update, f1a20 installing, the computer nags me that it’s already downloaded an update. Since we’ve got the same kernel, I can only guess that one of the modules are the wrong version. When I insmod the ehci-hcd driver, my tivo immediately reboots. Anyway, if you’re going to play around, I can give you the tools.


I’m running into problems setting up my linksys WUSB11 2. If it doesn’t need to be there, it shouldn’t be. Don’t forget to update the rd3 in Rules.

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I could not have gotten as far as I have without all of your support, thanks to alldeadhomiez for his wonderful contributions, as well as many others including bought. Badness45, ndiswrapper lets you use windows drivers for linux. Then you can add an option to menu.

Hey everyone, Just wanted to let anyone who might be interested know that thanks to the help of a couple of PMs from alldeadhomiez, I finally got a Linksys WUSB11 ver 2. Might need backdoors enabled; I dunno.

Fq120 does a cvs browser need to be directly in the filebrowser?