RSS feed in Discussions. Geniatechs reply does not surprise me. DVBlink does not read files. Pity there is not much for the Mac besides DVBlink. If is a free product with almost no support and quite a difficult setup. On at 7:

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And last but not least, assign someone to read daily the forum and reply to messages so that people get the feeling they are listened to.

I have read Ton’s posts and he suggests many things that are right on the spot, but Geniatech has to decide if they are a software company that handica; theirs own hardware, selling the software to be used with other vendors’ hardware, or if they are a hardware company that bundles their own software. I hope that you are right and Geniatech will be positive.

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Where are you people? I wouldn’t like to consider Eyetv an abandonware since there are not any alternatives for MacOs systems RSS feed in Discussions. Also I do think that 4-tuner devices are the normal mainstream for consumers. You forget that the majority uses HDHR and geniafech the Netstreams use a fully proprietary protocol which is till now not handed over to the largest software developers DVBlogic, TVHeadend meaning that the selling possibilities of Netstream even when the 4 tunerproblem is solved are quit small.


For consumers scheduling of shows is important.

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The Elgato forum was a lively forum for many years which many solutions often by users for all kind of problem. But till now in view own experience mail, their reactions on this forum I fear that geniatexh much will change. A shame making EyeTV into abandonware. Why not implement preset HDHomerun devices? Have them all working now.

$20, OpenWorld Contest to design best app for STM32 ARM Cortex-M3 –

Never a solution is given. Statistics say that kids don’t watch TV, but the truth is that adolescents do watch it but they don’t want to watch it with their parents all the time and the end up going to their rooms with their iPad or iPhone to watch what they can find on the internet.

Never a gemiatech is given. This besides geniagech fact that June you were in betatesting see older messages makes it funny that it not yet released.

On the forum there are 10s of complaints about not correct working hardware and software problems. This website uses cookies to enable certain functions and to improve your user experience. If is a free product with almost no support and quite a difficult setup. Geniatecn late but let’s hope this deadline is met. On the aTV4 I can play. Geniatechs reply does not surprise me. CES over, so what now? Also YOUR company is to blame because you give no serieus timeline.


Alas with 1 big drawback, it has a very poor EPG. The latest version of EyeTV should work without any problems with the regular version of Sierre. Also it will take many, many hours even days, weeks to get it all setup and running.

It was however a rather complex procedure where you had to make changes to several XML file. But I noticed no problem whatsoever.

Both were never designed to play recordings made outside of their own program. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Limitations in the number of same devices that can be attached why max. Bit it is a goed lternative.