Don’t expect that to last long ;-. I’m not entirely certain that most of what people do with Canoo really constitutes “functional” tests – a difference that comes down to semantics in large part. I don’t know that it’s possible to simply score testing tools as though it were 13 to 5 or any other simplistic means. Do you also know any example which uses those that can help me? Essentially a bad Selenium test is like a run-on sentence, or the way a small child tells a story: It can even be considered superior as it allows better control over how to schedule the in-page requests making the unpredictable browser behavior predictable see for instance my previous post.

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WebTest vs. Selenium: Real and Simulated Browser Testing

Tools like WebTest strike me as being somewhat theoretical – they prove that the code works perfectly, but only in an ideal environment that bears little resemblance to production.

It suffers from a methodological error. Does this inspire you to join the discussion about the next-generation of jwwebunit testing tools?

Of course I will diligently fix errors I may have in my Selenium understanding. In contrast, our Selenium tests run on Firefox, and they run on IE, and they catch a lot of the problems that occur when someone hasn’t written something in a cross-platform manner.

Is your profile up-to-date? See our privacy notice for details. Now, concerning testing frameworks: How about Robot Framework?


But in fact this is exactly what you do with Selenium as it doesn’t detect the javascript errors contained in your application unless they directly impact the specific tests causing them to fail. It’s been very interesting to see the various views on this matchup! Canoo WebTest looks like a very powerful tool. Christian rebutted WebTest’s Ajax supportsaying that in his application, “Even the simplest pages are throwing exceptions, because HtmlUnit can’t parse the Dojo import statements.

HtmlUnit and thus WebTest is just as well up to the task.

On the other hand, I have experience with huge functional test suites being developed and maintained over periods of years. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to run your test as JavaScript inside a browser to test AJAX functionality.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. As the lead developer for Canoo WebTest and HtmlUnit, Marc is clearly biased towards this style of tool, which he admits, and asks only that you read his analysis before arguing with him: You can use it to simulate a user interacting with a web site. Please take a moment to review and update. Marc suggested that tests are never fast enough, but that “WebTest has simply less to do and everything happens in the JVM.

This way people can get the best of both worlds by frequently runing WebTest and running Selenium nightly. Essentially a bad Selenium test is like a run-on sentence, or the way a small child tells a story: Functional testing tools for web applications come in a variety of styles, but one of the most fundamental differences between the choices are between the tools that drive one or more real web browsers in order to fully recreate a realistic environment, like Selenium, and tools that simulate the way a web-browser operates, like Canoo WebTest.


Vitaly suggested that WebTest and Selenium are apples and oranges: Dojo and to some extent YUI are the last holdouts in this regard.

WebTest vs. Selenium: Real and Simulated Browser Testing

If not, what is the best practice to display Selenium cs in the industry? It takes some of the grunt work out of organizing tests and generating reports.

I also do not know how to start making test cases. Out of these points, I assume that Selenium is the best simulation engine so far.

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread. Feedback has been mixed. John Smith 1 5. As one of the rebuttal pieces points out “Browser Fidelity” is probably one of the most important “points” that could be scored on.

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JUnit will run the tests for you and report which tests passed and which failed.