The landscape-format screen is sharp but not especially bright or responsive, and fades swiftly to black in low light. When it does work, night portraits are amazing – a world away from grainy, dull snaps common with LED lights. Although typical of many recent Sony Ericsson devices, support for outputting files other than over the mobile network has been variable with other brands. Data retrieval also includes the ability to output files by infra-red and Bluetooth as well as in network-transmitted messages to other devices. Buy this Ki from MobileSelect. You are losing out on amazing benefits because you are not a member.

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Results 1 to 9 of 9. But still, can’t even ping the DNS servers.

Built on the U from Ericsson Mobile Platform. The love it or hate it five-way joystick remains at the heart of the interface. But when connecting J800i I also have to run the wvdial ki internet as root because otherwise there are permission errors on some files that need to be written to involving ppp my phone lights up and the console reports exactly what you listed in your posting.

If these are minor squabbles to you then we’d have no problem recommending it. In true Sony Ericsson style the interface is fully themeable. A stereo headset comes in the sales package which can also be used for hands free conversations, and a built in loudspeaker can also be activated if need be. Forums New posts Search forums.


Joined Mar 18, Messages 8, Setting Up Your Phone First step is to set the mobile phone up to act as k8000i modem.

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July 3rd, 8. Check your contract or talk to your provided to find out which to use if you’re unsure. Your best bet is to pop into a phone store and feel the Ki in hand and in your pocket before making any hasty decisions! This is great for watching streaming video, downloading music, sending MMS and E-mail messages — anything that you need internet connectivity for! Previous handsets didn’t need one and it’s hard to see the logic for it here.

W8 Live with Walkman Xperia-based. When it does work, night portraits are amazing – a world away from grainy, dull snaps common with LED lights.

Unlike most Sony Ericsson handsets the Ki has quite a bit of lag, especially around things like the camera application and moving quickly through menus.

Connectivity options are extensive on the Ki. The service menu is available using the standard code implemented on several generations of non-Walkman Sony Ericsson phones: P P P P P1. For the most part the user interface is portrait-oriented, but when k800ii turn on the camera application or view an movem full screen the UI becomes landscape-oriented.


HSCSD can be used if you need to use the Ki as a modem for your computer to connect to the internet. Posting this from my PC and same Ki phone with Ubuntu 8.

Bluetooth on the Ki comes with the A2DP profile. The camera is activated either by pressing the side-mounted shutter button or moving a flimsy plastic lens cover. Only the future can tell! The good news is, unlike some sections of the UI, messaging on the Ki has little to no input lag.

The button in between the right soft key and the “C” button acts as a shortcut key, l800i brings up a user-customisable shortcut menu when pressed.

Snowolf Well-Known Member May 4, So on Wednesday night I decided to crack this once and for all. K00i Bookmarks Digg del.

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You can follow these posts on Twitter at Wibblings. I remember not long ago when 2mpx cameras in our mobile phones were the beez-neez and mmodem amazing feature for a device that used to just make phone calls remotely! With photos generally between KB and 1MB, each one takes around 15 seconds to transfer.

I use both 7.