I have been using the KE labview driver to control the instrument. This is one way to do this. Did you set the mode to RS? Then, you can just go ahead and use the commands as you need them from the manual, under the heading “Remote Commands”. Message 7 of

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There was a error out.

The program i wrote for current measurement only is not giving any errors will be checking that in a day lagview two.

Message 5 of Did you set the mode to RS?

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

I know making such a big problem will not be a easy task by any means but I have to do it. Could anyone give me some advice? Keithley did not provide the cable.

The time between readings, however, seem to bottom out at about ms. So start small and learn how to go on by growing. I back-saved to just in case.

N9L this blog is easy blog. If you have that kind of adaptor, you can use a null-modem adaptor to switch them back or use a different usb adaptor I don’t know how to program this? Get the cable Keithley provides. Message 9 of Taking a quick look at the manual for the KeithleyI read these sections: I suspect the problem is that you’re not sending a termination character LF on the end of 66485 query at least that I can see.


How will I go labciew making this program??

Accepted by topic author Max As far as I can tell, that program essentially does the same thing as my program, but uses the GPIB command rather than the keithley driver commands.

Message 3 of I forgot to limit the speed of the While loop in my example, this is usually wise to do, see the snippet below where the reading set to 1 sec speed Discover kiethley different configuration VIs for your unit.


Tell us if you get any error msg, oabview we can guide you further. At the factory, the GPIB is selected. Message 10 of If you want to do a proper measurement, you need to keep several things in mind.

In the manual, it requires to use a straight-through cable RS Message 3 of keithley labview. This attachment does not use the internal buffer. It seems like i am asking you guys to make VI for me but that is not the case I just need proper direction labivew I can consult and learn while making the program.


Keithley Picoammeter – Instrument Driver – National Instruments

For details, please see the picture I attached. You can use only one labvied at a time. Message 7 of Any help will be greatly appreciated. Is the sampling rate really limited by the type command I use or is there something that I am missing here?

Solved: Data from Picoammeter to PC via RSUSB cable – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Lbaview made up the number 50 – make sure none of the responses are longer than whatever you set! You need the ramp pattern function and a for loop.

Select Install Now you can access the VIs under the palette menu: