In the [Show all files for: This should reset the machine to a flash-acceptable condition Timer LED flashing only. Set the switch to ON 1. To backup the data, perform one of the following: If the motor operates normally with less paper loaded in the tray, the lift tray components may be the cause.

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Keep losing machine settings when power OFF.

Konica Minolta 7085/ip602 Driver

Access the 25 mode power the copier ON, while pressing the 2 mminolta 5 keys. After the hard drive is replaced, register all the jobs again using the hard copies.

Solution PZ Parts Catalog. After this serial number cut in, the machines have the new style electrode rail 7085/kp-602. Screen freeze in Konica Minolta logo. Open the front doors, release the ADU lock located at the bottom of the ADU unit by turning it with a finger to the left. Improper selection in the printer driver.

DriverHive Details for KONICA MINOLTA /IP PS Driver

Removing the pads will resolve the jamming, though a noise will be heard each time the bypass solenoid fires once per set on all sets after the first one. The 36 mode timing adjustments incorrect.


Touch [1Software SW setting] on the touchscreen. A buildup of paper dust on the four 4 black folding press minolra is causing the paper to misfeed during the folding process.

The spring is located around the gate shaft at the rear side of the finisher. June 57 Note: Due to this problem, there is a tool to covert image data on a HDD to data which can be handled on the PC.

The print controller works properly on a different This adjustment is a two-part adjustment. Loss of E-mail addresses. Refer to the InfoSource Bulletin for additional information.

Konica Minolta 7085 Ip 602 Ps Driver Download

June 36 2. The originals are incorrectly oriented in the RADF tray. Under “Application” select All-Image Area.

Failed or incorrect memory installed on the image processing board.


Please attachticket to this solution and provide the following information; 1. Direct Download Success Stats: Remove the punch assembly from the machine and reinstall the cover in the correct position. This indicates the download has started. Thoroughly, clean all optical mirror surfaces along with the underside of the exposure glass and the white reference plate, using a streak free glass cleaner.


Solution Vellum paper is outside of the special paper specifications of the machine therefore specific paper specification can not be provided. Known fixes for various codes: Machine not going to ready state. To adjust the restart timing, perform the following: Kinolta check the original conveyance sensor [PS], perform the following: Vellum minoota has tendencies to hold a static charge causing the paper to have transfer problems with possible premature wearing of the drum.

The selected tray should now be highlighted. To check the original conveyance sensor PS access 47 mode, input code 60, PP. To confirm the LCT as a source of the problem, perform the following: