With enterprises increasingly using the Java programming language for writing server code, the JDBC API is being used more and more in the middle tier of a three-tier architecture. Using the table name and a dot. From the list, select the Credibility of the log source. Select a predefined database query for the log source. Note that you need to load ODBC binary code onto each client machine that uses this driver. For this reason, DBMSs use transactions to maintain data in a consistent state data consistency while allowing more than one user to access a database at the same time data concurrency. If the start date or time is clear, polling begins immediately and repeats at the specified polling interval.

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JDBC protocol configuration options

Using the table name and a dot. It also adds or drops table constraints and alters column attributes. A cursor can be thought of as a pointer into a file that contains the rows of the result set, and that pointer has the ability to keep track of which row is currently being accessed.

This unique column or group of columns is called a primary key. There must be one column that appears in both tables in order to jdcb them to each other. A distinguishing feature of relational databases is that it is possible to get data from more than one table in what is called a join.

A user’s commands are delivered to the database or other data source, and the results of jrbc statements are sent back to the user. This field appears if the Use Named Smde Communication box is selected. A numeric value or time stamp field from the table or view that identifies new events that are added to the table between queries.


The data source processes the commands and sends the results back to the middle tier, which then sends them to the user. The database instance, if required. Note also that the Employee table assumes that there can be only one car per employee. For example, let’s say you have Person class declared like this: Using the last name alone would not work because there are two employees with the last name of “Washington.

If you are running your SQL server in a cluster environment, define the cluster name to ensure named pipe communication functions properly.

Java and MSDE (JDBC and Relational Databases forum at Coderanch)

The network can be an intranet, which, for example, connects employees within a corporation, or it can be the Internet. If, for instance, the first user is updating some columns in a table at the same time the second user is selecting columns from that same table, it is possible for the second user to get partly old data and partly updated data.

Note that you need to load ODBC binary code onto each client machine that uses this driver. A number is also more efficient than a mzde for making comparisons.

If the start date or time is clear, polling begins immediately and repeats at the specified polling interval.

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It accepts two input parameters and uses them to change an employee’s car number. In some DBMSs, a table lock also locks all of the rows in a table.


Because there is already an Elizabeth in the table, adding a second one would make the primary key useless as a way of identifying just one row.

Select this check box to enable the log source. Finally, in many cases, the three-tier architecture can provide performance advantages. Data types vary from one RDBMS to another, so a jdc might need to use metadata to establish the data types used by a particular database. The Standard Extension packages javax. Use this field to specify the character set to use. It is quite small and simple.

INSERT is used to populate a newly created table or to add a new row or rows to an already-existing table. A transaction ends with either a commit or a rollback, depending on whether there are any problems with data consistency or data concurrency.

If SSL is enabled, ignite. Relational tables follow certain integrity rules to ensure that the data they contain stay accurate and are always accessible.

JDBC protocol configuration options

The default msve None. For example, a table lock prevents a table from being dropped if there is an uncommitted transaction on that table. Enter the amount of time between queries to the event table. From the list, select the security mechanism that is supported by your DB2 server.